It's Time to Vote!

By ARRM Admin posted 09-30-2020 23:00


Hello there, Grassroots Organizer Madeleine Lerner here with all you need to know about voting in 2020! I have written a blog each month since May, detailing a different aspect of voting. This month marks the last voting blog as next month is the Election! To read last month's blog, click here. If you have further inquiries, please reach out to me via email or visit the Minnesota Secretary of State's website.

Find your polling place! See where you vote on election day!
Graphic from MN Secretary of State

Election Details

2021 Priorities

*No one can tell you who to vote for. You have the right to vote and cannot be swayed when going to the polls.*

For 2021, ARRM is focusing on 3 mains points: 

  • Close the Wage Gap
  • Workforce Crisis
  • Access to Support

For more detailed information, please download the 2021 member doorknocker from our website. These are important issues to keep in mind while voting.

Upcoming Candidate Forums

Attend the remaining Candidate Forums hosted by ARRM and MOHR!

District 23 Forum
October 2nd at 10am, Register here

District 25 Forum
October 9th at 10am, Register here

District 44 Forum
October 16th at 10am, Register here

District 56 Forum
October 23 at 10am, Register here

Thank you to all who have attended and participated in these forums. Your voices need to be heard! Attend these forums and remember to vote by November 3!